The growing demand for Android Application Developers

Published: 30th July 2010
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The need for completely open source Mobile OS software was very much the need of an hour 2 years ago. This gave birth to the Google's Android OS. Very soon Android gained a lot of market share in mobile OS in spite of it being dominated by iPhone OS and Symbian. Many Smartphone productions companies were interested in the new OS because of its multi-tasking feature and also its unique features.

Android slowly became the biggest competitor for Apple mainly because its compatibility with so many different types of hardware technologies unlike iPhone. The Google android applications and OS hit T-Mobile G1, the first ever device to sport the software. Later Google released an Android market where in a number of applications can be downloaded.The Android Market is flooded with thousands of awesome applications just within few months. This clearly shows the amount of interest developers are showing towards Android application development.

Another proof that Android application development will be the most sort out in mobile development industry is the results shown in the recent survey. Many developers voted Android as the future of all OS and is rated as the most sort out software for developers in days to come. This information is enough to motivate application developers to take up to the venture of creating applications for Android devices. In order to become an Android developer one has to be aware of basic programming languages like Java objective C.

Coding is very important part of app development process but one should not forget paying attention to graphic and user interface design. A good developer team should have a mixture of good user interface designers and developers in order that an application is both visually pleasant and usable. Android application developers should be well versed with Java and Object oriented programming languages as the Android apps are based on JAVA SE.

A good android application developer should remember few important points while developing applications. Applications should be compatible with at least three versions of the Android OS in order that the app doesn't break in lower version android devices. Also since Smartphones come with varied screen sizes it is important that the app made sits well each device from usability point of view.

If you have want an application developed the best way is to contact an Android application developers who builds a custom application just for your business needs.

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